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News from the Oracle Universe

Oracle's recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems has brought on some controversy around what their plans are for MySQL (which was included in the Sun Micro purchase). As some of you know fairly well, MySQL has had a dramatic impact on the open source “free” database world and is the database of choice for many developers when building smaller scale web applications.

Oracle executives are hush hush on what plans they have for this DB. However, to make a prediction with current available information, we expect Oracle to continue support of the product and allow it to evolve in an unlicensed format.

So what can shops who are running the MySQL database for their applications do today to mitigate any risk of Oracle coming through eventually and charging licensing fees?

One move is to make sure that the way your application connects to MySQL is generic enough to port to another DB in case this happens. Of course, for us we would support a migration from MySQL to Oracle as this DB has numerous features and capabilities which MySQL lacks.

We interviewed a few companies and application developers who currently use MySQL for their database driven applications. One company, Lead Commerce sat down with us for a quick conversation. The details of this interview with Lead Commerce President Cody Maher can be found below.

When did you begin using MySQL versus say an Oracle product for your database needs?

Day one we were using MySQL for our database needs. My lead developers were all comfortable with this DB so that was probably the main reason we went with it.

What specific features do you use with MySQL?

We do a tremendous amount of processing using the app layer (which is written in PHP). However, we do use Primary and Foreign key relationships as well as full text indexing which is something new in MySQL.

Would you ever consider a move to an Oracle DB?

Yes, we always have considered using other database platforms for our ecommerce software solution. I used to work at Oracle so I have no doubt that they will eventually look for some kind of licensing process from hosting companies to pass on to end user businesses. Oracle is smart and not going away.

Where do you see database and applications going in the future?

I believe the “cloud” will continue to become the way that businesses and companies run their operations. The days of employing huge numbers of IT staff and DBAs are over and we believe that there is a big need for software on demand which is exactly what we are offering with our ecommerce product. This is the future.

We want to thank Lead Commerce for their time and a glimpse into how they are using database systems like Oracle and MySQL to build the next generation of cloud based applications.

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Just recently, NCOUG, or North Carolina Oracle Users Group, to help users across the state learn more about Oracle-based systems. It is a fact that Oracle is fast becoming a standard in typical business operations and will soon become one of few hardware and software systems used for day-to-day operations. As such, it is important that any business wishing to stay updated and remain competitive in a tough economy be informed about everything Oracle-based systems have to offer. Many businesses are already using Oracle-based systems and do not know it; others are looking into obtaining Oracle-based systems and need to learn how to use it. In both these instances, NCOUG can help.

One of the biggest problems in both individual lives and in business operations is taxes. In some cases, businesses forget to file taxes or neglect to enter some revenue. Over time, this piles up to become unfiled tax returns. Through the use of Oracle-based systems, unfiled tax returns can become an easy task to handle. In order to learn about the different systems available that can help with unfiled tax returns, NCOUG may be able to help through their interactive site.

Being a part of NCOUG could enhance Oracle programming performance through the exploration of new possibilities. NCOUG provides members access to unlimited resources in the Oracle arena that can help streamline processes and increase productivity. Additionally, there is sponsorship information that can help with overall business operations as well.


September 27, 2011

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